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ISL Corporate Meeting – Barcelona 2019

September 11, 2019

ISL Senior Executives From Around The World Convene In Barcelona

For the second time this year the ISL family got together to celebrate achievements, milestones, discuss company vision for 2020 and to bond over good food and healthy athletic competition.

This past May marked ISL’s 6th year anniversary as a company. What started off as a dream by a couple of childhood friends from Spain has blossomed into a global sports management powerhouse, with 8 locations across the United States and Europe, with 100+ full time employees working with a variety of clients and projects. 

Upon arrival in the historic Catalonian city we were met by the mountainous terrain in the distance and the salt air from the nearby coast line. With a sense of electricity that is seemingly unique to this part of the world we converged onto the southern part of the city. Our time together was limited, so we were determined to maximize it.

Meeting Events

Alex Isern and Marc Segarra Leading The Presentations
ISL Senior Executives
The Team That Makes It Happen

Events were held at the world famous David Lloyd Club Turo Sports Facility, the location of WTA Tournaments in recent years, for our corporate meeting with the executive team and all of the directors. ISL CEO, Alex Isern, opened up by welcoming us, some pleasantries, anecdotes and the itinerary for the day. Shortly after concluding his remarks we jumped right in.

An array of topics were covered by each of the departments that make up ISL as a whole. This was a great way for each director to level set the expectations of their respective department. Senior Executives and C-Suite discussed how we can all work together in tandem for the greater good of the company to improve programs and our customer or client experiences.

What was set for a 3 hour block of presentations and open discussion flew by, and before we knew it both Alex Isern and Marc Segarra (Co-Founder) were up front delivering their concluding remarks and heartfelt thanks to each of us for the hard work and dedication that has been put in to getting ISL Agency to where it is today. 

Padel Tournament

Monica Aguado
ISL Padel Tournament Champions

ISL Padel Tournament 2019

Shortly after the conclusion of the meeting the team made there way to locker rooms to change out for the first of hopefully many more future Padel competitions to come. Padel is a racquet sport, which is both fast and highly entertaining to play and watch. After a spirited afternoon of competition, laughter and one rolled ankle, a pair of champions were crowned. From the courts we made our way out for an evening of fellowship over good food and wine. As the evening drew to a close we were all reminded of how fortunate we are to be in each others lives. Not just from a professional point of view, but because we genuinely work together like one big happy family, and although it may not have been the sole purpose of the trip, it was the lasting impression we all walked away with.

Continuing Our Partnership

A successful week was rounded out with a surprise visit from our old friend and partner, Bobby Epstein – the owner of COTA, who had travelled to Barcelona to catch up with the ISL owners and team before everyone headed back to their respective parts of the world. “Since I met Marc and Alex I knew they were going to build something unique. Their work ethic, passion, and business acumen are very impressive and I’m very excited to start doing things together. ISL has a tremendous potential in the US and I look forward to pushing the boundaries of this industry” – Bobby Epstein. We are truly grateful for this relationship and look forward to many fruitful years ahead.


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