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ISL Foundation & Big Brother Big Sisters

August 13, 2019

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami supported by ISL Foundation

Recently, ISL Foundation continued its commitment to being involved in local communities in the cities we have a footprint. ISL Foundation partnered with Big Brothers Big Sister of Miami to put on a 10 week soccer training program for 20 boys and girls, ages 8-14. Once a week for 90 minutes at various fields around the city, ISL employees took time out of their work week to spend time, train and support these amazing youngsters from different parts of the world including Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala and the U.S. 

Serving their community since 1958, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami (BBBSM) are the premier nonprofit mentoring organization in South Florida. They are the champions of hope, transformation, and social good, all the while defending the potential of children who need it the most. BBBSM strives to make Miami a safe haven where children can grow and thrive. They have developed a network of strategic partnerships with local businesses and community organizations, aligned within the vision of “together we can do big things!”

ISL Foundation Values

From the start, ISL’s core values of putting people first, being active within the community and having involvement in local charities has always been our way of making decisions in hopes of making positive impacts in the lives of everyone we work besides or have the good fortune of coming into contact with. It’s to that fact that all the years of selfless, philanthropic work that has collectively been done as a company crescendoed in the birth of ISL Foundation.  

The mission of the Foundation is to give back to aspiring athletes and communities that are underserved. We do our utmost to give each of them the chance to experience top levels of training and competition in world class facilities across their respective cities. Our hope is that we teach valuable lifelong lessons that will influence change. We measure our success by aiming to put smiles on as many faces as we can and the more they smile, the better we are doing.

To learn more about ISL Foundation and how we are changing lives follow this link.

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