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ISL Travel Management Going Green

October 30, 2019

ISL Travel Management begin initiative towards sustainable future

This month, ISL Travel Management, with the support and aid from players and families traveling from the United States, have began an initiative to help aid our environment. Every little bit can help keep our environment clean and help avoid waste. ISL understand this, and have taken steps towards doing their part during international trips.

Players Cleaning Up The Beaches Of Barcelona

The initiative was introduced at the beginning of October during our second ever all girls international experience trip, and continued during our Barcelona Experience Trip at the end of October. During training, games or cultural activities, ISL staff worked to emphasize and educate players on the importance of taking care of the locations they were visiting, and how every bit of help goes a long way towards helping their environment. Players and families helped clean up beaches, training facilities, and accommodations. Most importantly, as the players need to constantly rehydrate during their soccer training or games, water bottles were recycled or re-used throughout the trip.

The New Initiative Will Continue During Future International Trips

The major hopes of our initiative is that the young players leave the trip with a sense of pride in taking care of their environment, and gain an education in the importance of being conscious about their footprint, even when they are playing hard and having fun! The initiative was so widely welcomed, that all international sports trips in the future will continue the recycling program, and help build a better future!

Thank you to everyone for helping keep our environment clean!

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