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ISL Travel Management Host International Groups

May 8, 2019

Clients From The United States and China Enjoyed A Trip Of A Lifetime

On April 13th, the ISL Travel Management Group provided agency services over a unique 9 day experience in Barcelona, Spain to 3 different clients and partners from opposite sides of the globe. Groups from Sporting Global, Nashville United Soccer Academy, and Barca Academy Chengdu (China) enjoyed a trip of a lifetime. The trip was made possible with meticulous planning of cultural activities, travel logistics, and elite playing opportunities by the ISL Travel Management Team.

Travel Management Clients & Partners

Sporting Global are a sports management organization that creates new opportunities and value for sporting organizations around the world. ISL were glad to provide services to the group in order to bring 4 teams competing in the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC).

ISL Travel Management Director Achille Obougou opening ceremony
ISL Travel Management Director, Achille Obougou, Welcoming The Teams From Around The World

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NUSA (Nashville United Soccer Academy) are the first soccer club ISL have partnered with for international competition. ISL and NUSA have had a strong relationship for years, and this was the first opportunity for the two organizations to partner for an international trip. NUSA leaders and parents said of the trip, “It was a total success. Everybody was happy and impressed with the professionalism and coordination of ISL during all the trip events. We’re looking forward to getting NUSA more involved in next years tournaments with ISL!”

ISL also worked with Barca Academy Chengdu in order to bring over a team to compete in the Barca Academy World Cup. This was the first time ISL executed a strategic travel management plan for a Chinese Client.

Sporting Global Competing with ISL

ISL welcoming it's clients and partners.

The Future

ISL continue to build strong relationships around the world with clubs and organizations. We look forward to helping others achieve their Travel Management goals.

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