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Romelu Lukaku With Grassroots American Soccer

July 1, 2019

ISL helps Romelu Lukaku connect with Los Angeles soccer community

Typically, it’s difficult for American soccer fans to connect with international soccer stars in intimate, grassroots settings. Players are often either competing for their European clubs or their international teams, meaning the closest they get are through a TV screen. However, the summer brings a welcome opportunity for players and American soccer communities to connect while players are on their vacations and staying in shape outside of the public eye.

Lukaku and ISL

Recently, ISL were able to help some of the biggest names in soccer connect with the Los Angeles soccer community. Romelu Lukaku, on vacation after recently wrapping up the UEFA Nations Cup, traveled to California and connected with ISL to put on grassroots opportunities over 2 days of soccer and community.

Romelu Lukaku ISL in L.A.

Romelu Lukaku ISL

The Belgian and current Manchester United forward took time out of his vacation to put on pickup matches open to the LA soccer community in tandem with ISL. Lukaku’s management team, and ISL connected the LA community with Lukaku and his fellow professional soccer playing friends like Ben Arfa, and Jerome Boateng.

Romelu Lukaku ISL

Lukaku signed autographs, and took time out of his vacation to meet with fans.

Over 2 days, Director of Talent Relationships for ISL Pere Segarra, helped the stars with private facilities to train and keep sharp as well as play grassroots pickup games with the L.A. Community. For the local L.A. players it was a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest stars of soccer in an intimate setting. It was a great couple of days for everyone involved, and ISL continued to strengthen it’s connection with the biggest names in the world of soccer. We wish the best of luck to new friend, Romelu Lukaku, on his upcoming season.

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