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Soccerex USA 2018 Key Takeaways

In mid November of 2018, ISL had the opportunity to attend of the most prestigious sports business conferences in the world, Soccerex USA.

Soccerex USA, taking place in Miami, Florida, was an awesome event, and provided some great insight into where the industry of Soccer around the globe, specifically in the United States, is headed.  Read up on some of the major insights ISL discovered, as well as some of the social media highlights around the Soccerex community:

Commercialization of the Women’s Game

The key indicator of how serious leaders of the worlds game are taking the women’s game, is the separation of team assets.  Media rights and sponsorship have been parceled out separately at clubs around the world. In the past, assets associated with a club’s Women’s team would be perceived as an “add on” to the men’s team, whereas now they are their own outright asset for sale for major clubs.

United States, The Final Frontier

The overarching theme taken away from the event was the seriousness in the interest of the game in the United States.  We’ve always heard soccer called “The Worlds Game”, when in reality it was more like “The Worlds Game Minus The United States”.  But now, you can feel the interest from international clubs and federations in capitalizing on the commercialization of the American market.  Excited to see how it continues to develop.

Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

The value of high quality contacts made while at Soccerex is phenomenal.  As mentioned, you’re constantly meeting new folks, and you don’t have the time to realize how many contacts you’re really meeting until once you get home.  Not only is it a lot, they are high quality, and could potentially help drive your business in the future.

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