Beyond The Name: What is ISL?

April 24, 2020

We work in a world that can be characterized into two simple words, “Sports Marketing.” This however can bring a lot of questions as to what goes into sports marketing, and could make someone unprepared when one is offered the chance to rattle off a dreaded 30 second elevator pitch. It’s in that vein and of the utmost importance to give clarity to these questions, but more importantly to separate yourself from other companies who claim to be in the same field.

By definition Sports Marketing is a subdivision of marketing, focusing both on the promotional aspects of sporting events and the teams that compete in those events, as well as the promotion of products and services associated with those sporting events and sports teams. It is a service in which the element promoted can be a physical product or a brand name.

ISL & Sports Marketing

Since its inception, ISL has evolved quite rapidly from its early days of soccer camps during the summer, to running a year round club team (under the ISL moniker) to representing one of the most powerful sporting brands in the world, in FC Barcelona, and we are proud to have taken it as far as launching a player management arm in Tandhem. It has been during the course of these 7 years (so far) that our identity has been found and has matured into a place where we now find ourselves in not just being an established company, but a global player.

Like most vibrant companies we are diverse and multifaceted, meaning that we are not just siloed into a specific space. Although our focus is that of the sports industry, we have many arms that make up our brand, all the while we continue to branch out into other new and exciting areas. ISL prides itself on being cutting edge, as well as hiring some of the most talented folks in the industry to help make dreams become reality, not just as a company, but for our clients and guests.

We have a variety of services to offer. To date there are 8 different ways in our portfolio to be able to engage with current clients and new potential customers. This includes everything from experiential design, brand development, marketing and sponsorship, event production, tours and friendlies, product research and development,  travel management, and all the way to our player management arm. Each services works with one another to seamlessly achieve our clients goals.

As a company we like to meet challenges methodically and head on. So, as our brand continues to thrive and grow into new areas. We are proud to be a Sports Management and Marketing agency, providing sports business services and solutions for clients and partners, as well as ISL owned and operated brands.

To Learn More

To learn more about ISL, the different services we have to offer and how we are able to work together contact us. See you on the field.

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