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ISL Marketing Executes influencers campaign with AT&T and global stars to support Hispanic Heritage Month.

ISL helped AT&T to find the most suitable influencers for the campaign, from different sectors (sports, cinema and entertainment), and with profiles that mixed strong hispanic routes with an American lifestyle, and successful careers. ISL also provided the content ideas for the videos and pictures, as well as the written content for the social media platforms involved.

The campaign’s message was to emphasize AT&T’s commitment with the richly diverse communities that form Hispanic culture, and show how much the company values and appreciates their Hispanic consumers and workers. 








The Client

Founded in 1893,  AT&T is a legendary multinational communications company, listed on the NYSE, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  Known as the world’s largest telecommunications company, AT&T’s portfolio also includes technology, media and entertainment.  AT&T is also the largest provider of mobile telephone services, and the largest provider of fixed telephone services in the United States through AT&T Communications.

The company is deeply linked to sports as well, through several sponsorship deals:

  • Major League Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation, including the U.S. men’s and U.S. women’s national teams and the Major League Soccer All-Star Game 
  • Mexico national football team
  • United States Olympic team
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (Corporate Champion)
  • AT&T American Cup, artistic gymnastics competition 
  • Red Bull Racing (Formula 1 racing team)

The Challenge

ISL had to create engaging online content that showed the power and relevance of the Hispanic culture in the world, through a strategy of high profile influencers that reflected AT&T’s image and global values, and that connected with both the hispanic and the american public.

The campaign should pass AT&T’s message of appreciation for its hispanic consumers and workers, by highlighting hispanic culture and heritage, while presenting AT&T as a multicultural and ethnic diverse company.  

The Solution

ISL carefully selected a roster of influencers, both male and female, whose diversity of profiles covered every audience intended to perceive the campaign’s message, and combined the hispanic culture with the American factor.

Every post was unique, each content was handcrafted for the specific influencer and all captions were personalized. From videos enhancing Hispanic roots and traditions, to casual interviews about Hispanic heritage, family pictures or pictures at the AT&T event, ISL created a set of powerful and appealing content in a natural and organic way.

ISL prepared a monthly content plan, between September 15th and October 15th,  and a carefully thought strategy to share different types of publications all sending the same message: the celebration of Hispanic Culture.  Actress Liz Hernandez, acclaimed ABC Bachelor’s personality (protagonist) Juanpa Galavis, film director Gilbert Sosa and lifestyle Vlogger heyitspriscila, were some of the influencers that participated in the campaign. 

ISL helped their clients reach their goals by providing:

  • ISL created an online campaign on multiple platforms with different influencers to communicate AT&T’s message to a specific audience, enhancing the brand’s reputation and expanding its good image across the USA.
  • ISL handmade and overviewed all contents and visuals for the Hispanic Heritage campaign.
  • ISL contacted and hired a set of powerful and successful influencers from different sectors (sports, cinema and entertainment)  that mixed the Hispanic Culture with American lifestyle, to engage with the Hispanic communities living in the USA.

The Results

The campaign was highly successful with a big impact on the targeted demographics.  The combined reach of the influencers was approximately 3 million people, the posts’ impressions surpassed 200.000 and there were almost 500.000 interactions. 

ISL helped AT&T to expand and improve its brand image within the Hispanic communities across the USA, promoting a strong connection with the brand and a positive reputation, both reflected in the company’s continuous growth and good performance that year.

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