Gatorade x FC Barcelona

ISL Helps Gatorade Expand Their Youth Sports Marketing Efforts

As a pivotal element of the Gatorade marketing and brand strategy, Gatorade have marketed within the youth sports space for decades. As a clear supporter of youth sports around the world, ISL were able to provide an opportunity to authentically market Gatorade products during the summer of 2018 and 2019.

The historical Gatorade brand has been associated with the worlds greatest athletes, sports teams and organizations on a global scale.  In the North American market, ISL strengthened Gatorade and FC Barcelona’s partnership through a grassroots marketing activation which reached nearly 10,000 young athletes.


Gatorade X FC Barcelona


United States


2018 x 2019


The Client

The sports themed beverage and food company, Gatorade, distributes their product to over 80 countries around the world.  Within the United States specifically, Gatorade accounts for approximately 75% of market share in the sports drink category. 

Gatorades brand lies central in “fuel” for athletes of all levels, and ages.  From the highest level of world class professionals, to beginners. Gatorades product line provides the full range of sports nutrition tools for athletes before, during and after activity.

The Challenge

Gatorade have supported youth sports around the world for decades. They had already made progress towards this goal in 2015 when they signed a partnership agreement with Major League Soccer, becoming the Official Automotive Partner of MLS.

Gatorade recognize the power of placing the Gatorade products within the hands of youth athletes, and the lasting affect those moments with the product have on the lifetime consumer of sports nutrition products. With this marketing knowledge in mind, Gatorade seek partners to help them achieve their marketing goals of creating authentic experiences of Youth Athletes with the Gatorade products, in moments of competition

The Solution

With ISL’s strong client relationship with FC Barcelona, ISL were able to develop a strategic grassroots and digital marketing campaign during the summer of 2018.

ISL were able to develop this plan utilizing the Barca Academy asset of FC Barcelona, and the wildly popular Barca Summer Camps. Gatorade branding and product was strategically placed throughout the Camp sites with the intention for natural and authentic integration into the camp experience.

ISL executed the marketing campaign for Gatorade that consisted of:

  • ISL expertly weaved the Gatorade and Barca Academy brands within the camp experience. Each campsite required careful management of product and brand signage to ensure it was within Gatorades brand guides.By authentically placing the two alongside each other, both Gatorade and Barca Academy brands benefited.
  • ISL listened to what goals were important to Gatorades marketing efforts within Youth Sports. ISL could then best advise how they could reach their goals utilizing the capabilities of ISL.
  • Gatorade had several objectives within their Youth Soccer marketing campaigns.  ISL developed the strategy with:
    1. Grassroots and digital marketing campaign to continually strengthen Gatorade brand preference over competitors.
    2. Construct an environment where athletes interact, and experience authentic moments utilizing the Gatorade products in moments of competition.
    3. Showcase the wide range of Gatorade products, and how they are properly used in moments of performance and competition. 

ISL integrated the Gatorade brand into the Barca Academy camp experience with the central theme being to provide value to the customer experience.  By providing value to the customer experience, it improves the brand equity of Gatorade, Barca Academy, and ISL. Win-Win-Win.

The Results

By executing a marketing strategy built centrally around the goals of Gatorade, ISL were able to authentically reach over 5,000 young athletes and their families on a grassroots level.  Each of those athletes and family members were interacting with the Gatorade brand over a 5 day window. Utilizing a digital Barca Academy USA network, daily Gatorade messaging reached a hyper targeted audience of 30,000 over an 8 week period.

ISL were also able to efficiently align the Gatorade brand alongside the FC Barcelona and Barca Academy brand within the United States.  Creating the correlation of high quality Gatorade performance products with one of the most successful sports brands in the world.

ISL’s capabilities provided a strong partner for Gatorade to reach their Youth Soccer marketing goals during the summer of 2018.  ISL helped increase brand affinity, strengthened Gatorade brand equity, and aligned the Gatorade brand with one of the worlds most successful soccer brands, FC Barcelona.

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