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The Case

LaLiga aimed to create its first official scouting platform in the United States to facilitate the arrival of new American talents to Spain at an early age, while spreading LaLiga’s brand awareness in North America, and contributing to the growth of soccer in the US.

The project’s goal was to provide american players an opportunity to showcase their talent, an experience that would step up their game, and ultimately, the chance to kick off their dream of becoming a professional soccer player and one day represent their country in the World Cup.

The Client

LaLiga is a private sports organization operating on a global scale, present in 55 countries. 

With twenty soccer clubs from the LaLiga Santander (Spain’s first soccer division) and twenty-two from LaLiga SamrtBank (Spain’s second soccer division), LaLiga is responsible for organizing the professional soccer competitions in Spain. 

In the 2018/19 season, Laliga reached over 2.7 million viewers across the world. 

The Challenge

ISL had to develop and implement all aspects of LaLiga’s scouting program in the US from creating the program’s brand, “LaLiga Select”, to its communication and promotion, the local partners, the registrations and client support, and the events phase in which ISL assumed all the logistics and operations:

  1. Showcases and Talent IDs across the USA.
  2. A showcase in Madrid with the best players selected in phase 1.

The Solution

ISL formed a dedicated team for this project, with previous experience implementing soccer academies and camps for FC Barcelona, and elaborated an extensive plan, thought to the very last detail to guarantee a successful execution of LaLiga’s first official recruitment program in the United States. 


The Results

The launch of LaLiga Select made headlines in over fifty spanish and american media outlets. 

In only five months, from the program’s launch in mid January to the beginning of the Talent IDs in mid June, LaLiga Select conquered thousands of fans on social media and sold out for all the Talent IDs. 

The demand to participate was so high that IS decided to join forces with local partners, closing 14 showcase partnerships to extend the scouting possibilities to as many players as possible.

LaLiga Select is currently ongoing in the United States with over 10,000 players and 50 LaLiga scouts on the field, selecting the most talented players to participate in the Madrid’s showcase that will be held in 2022.  During a period of ten days this group of players will train and compete with the best clubs in Spain under the supervision of different Technical Directors from LaLiga Youth Clubs

The best players from the Madrid showcase will have the chance  to participate in a sponsored training camp with a LaLiga Youth Club.

Brand Development & Communications

ISL created from scratch the visual identity for LaLiga Select as well as its online platforms: website and social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

ISL designed, produced and executed all visual and written content for LaLiga Select, including press releases, web design, online advertising, social media plan and posts, imagery pieces,  and the online registrations system.  

Local Partners:

ISL used its powerful contacts to close deals with 10 local partners to expand the scouting events. 

Events across the USA

ISL organized and implemented all LaLiga scouting events in the USA, taking full care of logistics, production, staff, set up, imagery and sports material. 

The Talent IDs were covered live on social media, creating high engagement rates and wide repercussions for the program. 

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