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Thiago Alcantara and Zikkomo

ISL and Thiago Alcantara Partnership Helps Charitable Organization, Zikkomo, Raise Educational Funds

Thiago Alcantara and his partnered charity, Zikkomo, were seeking the opportunity to put together a special benefit event with the ultimate goal of raising donations for underserved students in Malawi.  I order to achieve their vision, ISL were trusted to develop, plan, and organize and event that met their vision.

The Thiago Alcantara Football Experience, which is what the event was eventually named, attracted hundreds of supportive players, a multitude of media, and raised thousands of dollars for charity.


Thiago Alcantara


Barcelona, Spain




The Client

Thiago Alcantara is one of the worlds biggest and well known soccer stars.  The Brazilian and Bayern Munich midfielder partnered with Zikkomo for a special event to affect change in his communities.

Thiago, with his wife, are passionate about giving back to those less fortunate, and found a valued partner in Zikkomo to reach their philanthropic goals. 

Zikkomo is a non-profit charitable organization with the aim of improving the education of children in Malawi and Catalonia.  Zikkomo believe that quality education is the building block to the strength of a nation, and helping children achieve their education will help improve their country.

The Challenge

Thiago Alcantara and Zikkomo had a vision to put together a special soccer event that would raise funds for children’s educaiton in Malawi.   The clients knew they wanted a special event, but were unsure in management of large scale sporting events.  They knew an organization experienced in event management was needed.

The Solution

ISL consulted with Thiago and Zikkomo to develop a 360 degree event plan for a unique charitable youth soccer tournament.  The event was to be held in Barcelona, Spain and was branded the “Thiago Alcantara Experience”.

With the location and name in place, ISL utilized their professional services to begin the development of the tournament.  ISL helped their clients reach their goals by providing a plan that would lead to a top class fundraising event, all supported by the game of soccer.

ISL helped their clients reach their goals by providing:

  • ISL crafted the Thiago Alcantara Football Experience wit hthe attendees positive experience of first and foremost importance.
  • All Thiago Alcantara Football Experience branding, identity, and messaging were developed by ISL and then carefully managed for consistency and quality.
  • ISL took care of all the logistical headaches that can come with large scale events and ensured the event was managed smoothly.

From digital, to grassroots, to partnership promotions, and content marketing, ISL marketed the Thiago Alcantara Football Experience to drive awareness for teams and create excitement around the event.

ISL developed and implemented the sponsorship strategy that saw them successfully acquire multiple authentic and meaningful sponsors for the event.

ISL consulted with Zikkomo and Thiago Alcantara on a strategy best suited to make their vision a reality.

The Results

After the Thiago Alcantara Football Experience, came the opportunity to evaluate the results.  The clients goals were met and the event was deemed a success.  You simply need to look at the numbers:

  • 325 players.
  • Coverage from worldwide media outlets.
    • Sport
    • Marca
    • Active Africa
    • SE Futbol
    • Sport Magister
    • Viprize
  • Raised over $20,000 for Zikkomo to help fund their mission.
  • Successful brokerage of 4 event sponsorships.

Utilizing the services of ISL, Thiago Alcantara and Zikkomo achieved their goal of hosting a soccer event which would raise funds for educational funding in Malawi, successfully raising over $20,000.

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