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Tocball by Xavi Hernandez

ISL Helps Xavi Pass on His Soccer Legacy with Tocball

Our clients, including the legendary Spanish soccer player Xavi Hernández, wanted to create a product to help the next generation of players improve their ball control and passing technique.

ISL provided comprehensive product and brand development expertise, creating a sound business model and strengthening the brand of Xavi the athlete.


Xavi Hernández


Europe/North America




The Client

Xavi Hernandez is one of the world’s best-known soccer stars.

His career is studded with silverware, including 8 domestic league wins and 4 Champions League wins with Barcelona FC, and one World Cup title and two European Cup titles with the Spanish National team.

He is internationally renowned as one of the greatest central midfielders and playmakers in the history of the game.

The Challenge

Together with a group of Spanish investors, Xavi wanted to create a revolutionary training device to develop the soccer skills of young players.

Xavi wanted to use this product to leave a legacy behind to future generations that focused on the skills that he was most famous for. Voted best playmaker four times throughout his career, those were his incredible abilities to control and pass the ball.

When the client came to ISL, they didn’t have a name or a product in mind; just this intention. It fell on ISL’s shoulders to turn that dream into a reality.

The Solution

ISL’s services were employed from day zero of product development to ensure that an outstanding product was brought to market.

ISL helped our clients reach their joint aspirations by providing an integrated service that included:

  • ISL developed the entire branding strategy for the product, including the brand identity, name, logo and colors. We then produced a video telling Xavi’s story and his connection to the product.
  • There were two separate but interlinked goals; the investors’ business objectives, and Xavi’s legacy aspirations. ISL used its experience to create a strategy that would effectively deliver on both sets, centered around Xavi’s renowned playing qualities.
  • The product that ISL developed helped Xavi to strengthen his brand image and leave a powerful legacy that would teach young players to follow in his footsteps and acquire some of his best-known attributes.
  • From working with engineers to create the ultimate training device to improve control and passing, through to product testing with Xavi and young players, ISL was in charge of the entire product development strategy.

The Results

The Tocball training device that ISL developed successfully established Xavi as a player who was committed to the development of future generations of soccer stars.

By associating himself with a training device that so accurately reflected his greatest strengths as a player, ISL ensured that Xavi’s legacy would endure through the use of the Tocball. 

From brand development to physical product development, ISL managed every step of the product life cycle and used its experience to ensure that it was a complete success both for the investors and for Xavi.

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