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United States Youth Futsal

ISL Travel Management Executes United States Youth Futsal Travel Logistics with International Competition

USYF competes against other international federations around the world traveling big groups of players, fans, and staff   The intricacies of traveling large sports groups, finding competition, organizing accommodation, travel between competition, and even cultural activities are a large undertaking requiring a full team of professionals.

ISL Travel Managements partnership with USYF led to the management of it’s international travel logistics and connected USYF with some of the largest Futsal federations in the world.  These connections ultimately raised the USYF brand around the world and improved the American Federations player experience.


United States Youth Futsal (USYF)


Barcelona, Spain




The Client

USYF, United States Youth Futsal Federation, are the highest level of youth Futsal in the United States.  Elite Futsal players around the country are selected during a multi level and rigorous selection process.  The selected players go on to represent the United States in competition against some of the best youth federations in the world.

Keith Tozer, former United States Indoor Soccer legend and current USYF Technical Director, built a closer relationship with ISL and it’s executive team through ISL Futsala and it’s activities in the United States Futsal landscape.  The association grew into a close partnership, where ISL’s support allowed USYF to focus on it’s player development, and left the travel, as well as event management, to ISL.

The Challenge

USYF frequently put together trips for their star players in order to compete against new competition.

The travel logistics are a difficult task for USYF staff, made more difficult when the focus for the federation is on player development.  Luckily, with ISL’s great relationship with USYF executives, a partnership was struck for ISL Travel Management to handle the international travel management for USYF, and assist with planning international competition.  The ultimate goal of the partnership was to allow USYF to focus on the development of players and the competition, while ISL Travel Management utilized it’s travel experience to make the experience of USYF better.

The Solution

ISL consulted with USYF in order to develop a strategy that would allow USYF to reach its goals of being able to focus on the sporting aspect, and raise the overall experience for its players.

ISL Travel Management organized an international trip to Barcelona, Spain where they competed against top Futsal Academies in the region, as well as learn from the best Futsal player sin the world with FC Barcelona Futsal team.  With a destination in mind, ISL utilized it’s professional services to begin developing a strategy that would reach USYF’s goals and create a 10 day event experience.

ISL helped their clients reach their goals by providing:

  • ISL’s Travel Management team are the best in the game, and when it came to planning the logistical travel while making it an awesome experience, nobody is better.
  • ISL were trusted in managing the USYF brand throughout digital as well as physical on site signage.  The challenge was making the USYF brand stand out in a strong Futsal market during events and activities.
  • Opening ceremonies, cultural activities, meeting FC Barcelona Futsal team, international competition and other activities went into the architecture of developing a 10 day event experience for USYF and it’s players.

ISL consulted with USYF on a travel strategy best suited to make their vision a reality.

The Results

After the trip, both parties were able to look back at the trip as the start of a long term partnership.  

USYF not only were beyond satisfied with the excellent travel service, but gained added value by aligning it’s brand alongside some of the strongest Futsal brands in the world.  USYF experienced soccer in a new way, competed against international competition, and grew it’s brand value.  ISL Travel Management and USYF can look forward to a continued partnership.

Get in touch today andlet us help plan your next sports travel.

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