Corporate Meeting 2020 – Miami

February 28, 2020

ISL Executives come together to review, and discuss 2020 vision

Once again the ISL directors and executives team got together to welcome in the new year as a company and to level set from our last family get together in Barcelona, 2019. Over the course of the week we heard from each of the department heads about the progress of each team, the vision for 2020 and how we could each partner up together in expanding the ISL brand around the globe, all the while giving our clients the best possible experience. 

Ahead of the company’s 7th anniversary in May, both co-founders Alex and Marc, took the opportunity to share their gratitude to all in attendance for of the hard work and efforts being poured into expanding the ISL brand into new markets, as well as set the stage for the presentation portion of the corporate meetup by giving a high level overview from the past year to date. 

Tours and Friendlies with Bruno Diaz

Once pleasantries were complete, we jumped right in. Since meeting last we have launched two new offerings, one being in the field of “Professional Club Tours and Friendlies,” spearheaded by Bruno Diaz, for European teams to travel abroad to the States in hopes of expanding their brands and to compete against MLS and USL teams. This is two-fold, as it also gives domestic teams the chance to showcase their talent to international competition. 

Tandhem with Joan Ocón

Secondly, we launched an internal agency, Tandhem, which will act as the Player Management arm of ISL for players in Europe, including Spain and France, and the United States. This team will be bi-continental based out of our offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Miami and Los Angeles. Tandhem has truly been a passion project for us, and one that has been in the planning stages for quite some time. This team will be overseen by Joan Ocon and Pere Segarra.

ISL Travel Management

From there we were given the overview of how ISL Experience has been doing in the past 6 month from Achille Obougou, the Director of our International Travel Team. Since our last corporate meeting this arm of ISL has been extremely busy and thriving with monthly trips for soccer teams from around the U.S. and Canada, as well as hosting more “Girls Only” trips, with 10 day immersive experiences in both Spain and the U.K. Not only that, 2019 was capped off with a successful joint venture with the USYF and Keith Tozer. This was a first time for both parties, but certainly not the last, as more trips have already been put on the calendar for 2020/21.  

MIC Football USA with Albert Balsells

Next we heard from Albert Balsells, Director of MIC USA, on what we learned from the inaugural tournament in November (2019) and the plans to make the 2020 competition exponentially better for the teams that will be participating and for the fans in attendance. This is a huge undertaking, as we have expanded upon the tournament from last year to include more categories and teams, to which each category champion will have the opportunity to compete in the MIC Football Tournament (Spain) in 2021.

FC Barcelona with Pepe Nogues

Piggybacking off from the MIC presentation, Pepe Nogues – Director of the Barca Academies U.S., took to the floor to give an overview of where the academies around the country stood. Last year we launched Orlando and it has been met with wild popularity, so in all we are overseeing academies from coast to coast, as well as consulting in a few others. Overall, the Barcelona system, values and methodologies continue to grow in stature and size.

In addition to the presentations from the more visible parts of the company, back office departments including marketing, HR and operations were also given the chance to share updates to processes, discuss current statuses and give future outlooks. Overall, the time spent together and hearing from each department gave each of us a better perspective of the hard work and efforts being put forth to truly deliver an unparalleled experience for our clients and guests into focus. 

That said, it couldn’t be all work and no play. Once the corporate portion was taken care of and out of the way, we (as a family) took the opportunity to explore the city that never sleeps by taking in the local cultural flair and fun that makes up this eclectic destination spot of the U.S. and has become a global home of our headquarters. 

Unfortunately, like all good things, it must come to an end and our trip was soon over. However our engines were all refueled to tackle new opportunities ahead, relationships strengthened and fortified, but more importantly know that we are working together as a team and that we have each others backs.

Watch out 2020!      

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