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Since its inception, ISL has been rooted in the values of love, community and charity. Giving back is at the core of everything we stand for. This would not be possible without the support of our family and because of this we are proud to unveil our philanthropic arm to the organization, ISL Foundation. ISL Foundation is the culmination of years of selfless, hard work and a commitment to continue to pour into the lives of each individual and community we are fortunate to serve.

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The ISL FoundationMission

The ISL Foundation is on a mission to give back to those aspiring soccer players and communities that are under served, and want to experience more! We want to teach valuable lifelong lessons through the beautiful game. 

Our vision is to improve our communities through sport, and put as many smiles as faces as we can.  We measure our success in the impact of the lives we change.


We want to genuinely affect change, and provide an opportunity for young players to believe in something better.


We want to support local communities, by being more involved, and offering a helping hand and a platform for their voice.


We want to give other non-profits the opportunity to grow and shine, by giving them financial resources, support in numbers and guidance.


We strive to be more than another foundation.

ISL Foundation in the Community



Aid children between the ages of 6-16 to achieve soccer scholarships and enjoy the beautiful game.


Grant scholarships to foreign students for qualified educational expenses for foreign students enabling them to study abroad in United States.


Raise money to develop sports facilities for underserved neighborhoods. We will work with organizations in the US to help fund soccer fields in under-privileged areas.


To aid to the betterment and development of soccer as a whole across the US.

The Foundation in the News

Here are some updates on things happening with the ISL Foundation in the news.

Become Part Of The Project

Do you want to be a more integral part in making a difference? There are so many ways to be a part of the ISL Foundation, and we would love enthusiastic, like-minded people to join. If this is turning your wheels, please shoot us a message.

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Do you want to help be a part of the solution? What is important to know is that every penny you gift goes towards making a difference. There is no gift to small or too large. We love people that believe in what we are doing, and can’t thank you enough for your support!

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