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October 1, 2019

ISL Travel Management Successfully Connects All Girls Group With FC Barcelona Femení

In Barcelona, Spain today, FC Barcelona Femení, one of the most successful Spanish Women’s soccer teams, took time after training to meet with an all girls soccer group that ISL Travel Management were managing during a Sports Trip throughout the historic Catalan city. Major Women’s soccer stars like Marta Torrejón, and Stefani Van Der Gragt met with the girls soccer players to provide words of encouragement and to hopefully inspire them to further greatness! We’d like to thank FC Barcelona Femeni and their players for helping create this special moment.

View event photos below!

Marta Torrejón and ISL Agency
Always Team Marta!
High Fives All Around
Marta Torrejón and ISL Agency
Thank you again Marta Torrejón
Marta Torrejón and ISL Agency
Can’t Thank You Enough, Marta!
FC Barcelona Femí and ISL Agency
The Girls Group with FC Barcelona Femí
Stefani Van Der Gragt and ISL Agency
Stefani Van Der Gragt Meeting With Future Stars. Get well soon!
FC Barcelona Femí and ISL Agency
The Future Meets The Present
Marta Torrejón and ISL Agency
Good Luck To FC Barcelona Femí This Year!

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