ISL Aids Esports Marketing For Ultimate Gamer

July 15, 2020

ISL Leverages Sports And Entertainment Relationships To Drive Global Gaming Tournament

Esports has quietly made its way into the forefront of the gaming world, taking its place in the sports landscape. Teams are popping up in major cities around the world and it has turned into a multibillion dollar a year industry with significant prize money and endorsements on the line.

It’s hard to deny the popularity of Esports. Viewership is increasing year over year, there’s constant experimentation with new revenue models and it’s redefining the way we engage with online content. It’s a fresh, digitally native take on watching competitive sports, and it’s here to stay.

Disrupting The Industry

ISL is proud to announce a new partnership with the Ultimate Gamer – the worlds first and only multi genre esports proving ground – to find the Best Gamer on Earth, offering a $1Million prize purse during an upcoming esports tournament. The partnership reflects ISL’s vision for a future where sports and esports play together.

The global tournament kicks off in Miami on September 1st, and will continue throughout the month. This new and unique opportunity was something we were eager to become involved in. We’ve never shed away from a challenge and this wouldn’t be any different. Given our track record of working with a variety of companies and notable names from around the world, we felt more than confident in taking this on. Our disruptive approach on this projected connected 3 different industries to help market the digital competition.

The partnership consists of high profile ambassadors helping promote the tournament and take it to audiences that otherwise wouldn’t be reached. ISL connected Marcelo, Real Madrid defender, Sergio Busquets, FC Barcelona midfielder, and Darko Peric, actor in the hit television show Money Heist, with Ultimate Gamer. The three celebrities will be using their social media influence to promote the tournament.

“I believe this project is revolutionary as we are merging sports and esports in one global event for the first time in the gaming industry. It will give esports a bigger reach and connect traditional sports with new audiences. We are sure that this is just the beginning and that more exciting projects and partnerships will follow”, says Marc Segarra, ISL co-founder.

The goal of this partnership is two fold, to help Ultimate Gamer break into the sports and entertainment market, while helping sports and entertainment personalities connect with Ultimate Gamer, building everyones brand in new markets.

Looking To The Future

We’re looking forward to the partnership with Ultimate Gamer, and continuing to disrupt the esports scene. The partnership is set to continue for further ventures in the space. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletters for future announcements on this partnership!

About Ultimate Gamer

With over 500,000 competitors worldwide, the Ultimate Gamer brings people together through the power of gaming, and the best part is: you can join in for free and from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.

The tournament will feature 17 of the most popular video games in the world, including Fortnite, Fifa, LOL, Apex Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, or Counterstrike. Registration ends and qualifiers begin September 1st.

If you think you are the best gamer on earth, if you want to win prizes valued at $1 million, or if you simply love to play, register at

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