Helping Young Athletes Reach Their Dreams

December 18, 2019

Athletics and Academics

Over the past year ISL have worked with BK2 in order to aid young soccer players in their journey to play at the next level. While some players have the rare gift of beginning a professional career at a young age, many others find the option to play collegiately as the best fit for them. Playing collegiate not only allows a young player to keep chasing their dream of playing professionally, but provides a valuable education if a professional playing career doesn’t materialize. Not to mention, the academic and athletic scholarship options that come with playing college soccer go a long way.

BK2 are a college counseling organization who work to support young students in the process of American University recruitment, offering services that will position its students in the best possible scenario. The education of applicants and their professional development are the basis of all their efforts. BK2 helps athletes find the best athletic and academic scholarships available to them, and make the process understandable for families who may not be familiar with the American recruitment system.

We look forward to many more years working with BK2 in achieving academic and athletic success for young players around the world!

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