ISL Connects MLS & La Liga stars, Ibrahimovic and Mariano Díaz

ISL recently helped connect two of the worlds biggest sports star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic of LA Galaxy and Mariano Díaz of Real Madrid. ISL worked closely with Mariano Díaz and the LA Galaxy in order to meet Mariano’s childhood hero, and lifelong role model, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to create and capture a unique moment for both of the soccer stars.

Majority of European clubs are currently on their summer offseason, meaning Mariano Díaz had the time to visit Los Angeles where Ibrahimovic was training with LA Galaxy, who are in the middle of their MLS season. With ISL facilitating, the two met at LA Galaxy’s training facility, where they exchanged signed jerseys and kind words. Mariano Díaz was then shown around the impressive LA Galaxy Facility.

We have to agree with Diaz!

The two stars are at very different stages of their careers. Mariano Díaz came up through the Real Madrid Academy ranks, and now the 25 year old Real Madrid forward is working to take his club career to the next level. Ibrahimovic is in the later stages of his career, but it hasn’t stoped him from taking the MLS by storm, similar to every other club he has played at, with 35 goals in only 42 games. Earlier this week, Ibrahimovic received the ESPY for 2019 MLS player of the year.

ISL Talent Relationships Director, Pere Segarra, has a long time relationship with Mariano Díaz’s manager, who reached out to Pere to arrange the moment. Pere was able to quickly and happily set up the meeting for Mariano and his team.

Check out the unique moment captured below

Ibrahimovic Mariano Diaz and ISL
Ibrahimovic Mariano Diaz and ISL

Thank you to everyone for making this special moment happen!

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