ISL Futsala At The Forefront Of Development Academies

August 17, 2020

ISL Futsala Programs Gaining National and International Acclaim

In the past little had been known about this fast growing sport, or as some have referenced it as the little brother of soccer, but futsal is the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA. It earned the status of FIFA’s official form of indoor soccer in the 1980s as it was recognized as a scaled down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a 5 v 5 small-sided game played on a hard surfaced, basketball sized court with a smaller, heavier low bounce ball. 

Futsal is played with touchline boundaries and without walls. It is a game that most recognized outdoor soccer players around the globe play to refine and maintain their control skills and touch. Great soccer superstars such as Ronaldo, Messi, Kaka and Neymar grew up playing the game and credit futsal with developing their skills.

ISL Futsala

The mission of our indoor program is simple, develop top tier players and people through the uniqueness of this sport, all the while providing a comfortable platform for all to learn and advance on and away from the court. The philosophy is unconventional in that the overall approach is holistic and centers on the encouragement of individual creativity and player intelligence. In itself, futsal is a very distinctive game, and often takes players out of their comfort zones in order to stretch their skills to reach their next level. The goal in these circumstances is to help ensure players are constantly striving for loftier goals and succeeding.

Governing the success and growth of Futsala for ISL are Adam Brundle, Pedro Oliveira and Caio Maciel. This trio oversees academies in both Austin, TX and Charlotte, NC. Along with the support of the ISL family have taken a concept of humble beginnings and transformed it into one of the hottest programs in the nation.

Programs vary, depending on interest and individual development within the game, but can be specialized to fit specific needs of the player. There are 2 core categories that are open to players, with a week long summer camp option for all skill levels looking to continue to refine their techniques or simply check out the sport for the first time.

To break it down, Futsala offers a year round academy aimed at player’s 4- 18 years old with varying levels of background experience from beginners to experts. In addition, Futsala has a Classes & Sessions program, which offers players the opportunity to continue playing during holidays. This program is not exclusive, but rather open to all, but still ensures top level and quality coaching. Also, each player will be matched up with a group of kids to fit their needs and to ensure the optimum learning environment.

National Champions

Since forming, Futsala has experienced a string of rapid successes for both players and coaches. It has even gained national and international attention for top level play on the court. Recently our ‘03 Barefoot-Futsala girls Team were crowned the National Champions In addition, there has been recognition at National ID’s, with twelve of our players getting invited to participate with the US National Youth Team. 

Trips that were once just a short drive from home to the courts are now around the country and abroad to compete against the best the nation and world have to offer. It is a far departure from its humble beginnings, but a journey that is just beginning and with a big, bright future ahead. If you would like to have a futsal program near you, let us know.

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