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ISL Launches Marketing 360

“At ISL adapting to challenging situations is part of our DNA. We are always ready to face and adapt to any circumstance with a resilient, bold and winning mentality” Marc Segarra ISL Managing Partner.

After a decade of providing the world’s leading sports organizations, brands, and athletes with first class marketing support the ISL founders decided it was time to establish a full on 360 marketing department which would focus on helping other industries.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marc Segarra one of the managing partners realized that ISL was not maximizing it’s capacity in terms of marketing services. Together with Alex Isern (ISL CEO) they decided it was time to capitalize on this opportunity since the company was facing loads of uncertainty, given the fact that the pandemic was having a rough impact on the company’s major programs. It was this very moment that led to the creation of this new department called Marketing 360.

Both Alex & Marc have always stated that service is the number one priority when it comes to ISL. The company is all about fostering & establishing long term partnerships, and this has been the case with families whose kids have attended the FC Barcelona camps throughout the years. “We have done such good work establishing proper social media campaigns together with mastering email marketing, that we need to share our level of expertise with other companies” stated Marc.

Marc insists that ISL would not be were it is today, had it not been for the support of the families whose kids have participated in the Barca academies, camps, and travel experiences. An important factor behind this new project was the fact that we want to offer marketing solutions to the families that have been with us all this years. Throughout the years, our soccer programas have enabled us the privilege of meeting executives from Fortune 500 companies to lawyers, doctors and business owners.

“We just want to thank the parents for the continues support throughout the years”. Were the words of Marc when describing the important role families have played in ISL’s success. Now we have a solution to offer parents who run small businesses or need help with marketing. Good service is an essence at ISL and we now have the tools to offer additional services not just to the families whose kids attend camp, although to the greater public.

A business is like a human body…

It has different parts, but it can only perform properly when all those parts work together towards the same goal. At ISL, we enforce this interrelatedness and believe that an integrated approach is essential to attain the best results. Our 360 marketing approach takes strategies to a new level to communicate a consistent message through all the marketing mix elements. By implementing a broad strategy and the right tools, we will pursue and reach your target audience.

1 – Social Media Management Social media is one of the best ways to engage with customers and potential customers. Our Social Media Management team will successfully manage your platforms while strengthening relationships, raising brand awareness, and interacting with followers.

2 – Content Strategy Every successful business needs a solid content strategy.  We transform your business objectives and goals into a plan that uses content to reach those goals and aligns with your target audience.

3 – Digital Advertising Digital advertising has become an essential tool to help businesses stand out and succeed among competitors. From awareness to purchase, we use digital media advertising to drive revenue to your business.

4 – Web Development & SEO We work behind the senses to make your website look great, perform its best and assure users a smooth experience. Our SEO experts will make sure you build better relationships with your audience, drive more traffic to your site and increase conversions. 

5 – Email Marketing It is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies to attract and retain customers with personalized messages that promote your brand, content, and product or service. We will keep your customers and prospects informed and engaged.  

6 – Creative Design & Video From logos and images to videos, we create visual content that captures your company’s vision and values. Aligning content value to consumer goals is step one in better attracting, engaging, and converting the audience that matters to your business. 

7 – Brand Development Branding makes an excellent impression on consumers and, as a result, lets your customers know what to expect from your company. Brand building has a lot to do with Psychology, and that’s why we will make sure your business’ logo and graphic identity align with the attitudes, aspirations, and needs of your target audience.

8 – Influencer Marketing & PR Tradition and innovation are powerful tools. That’s why at ISL, we believe in Influencer marketing and classic PR; at the end of the day, both concepts share the same goal: showing the public the right reasons to love a company. We have the right connections to help you build relationships between your business and a variety of media outlets and, as a result, increase your business’s brand awareness and reputation. 

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