ISL: Same Team, Same Goal

ISL Remains Unified, Steadfast and Home for Clients, Partners and Players.

It’s been a little over four weeks now since what seemed like just another news story playing in the background from a different part of the world, has now made its way to every corner on earth. Global events of this magnitude seem like something we’ve read about in history books or even seen in blockbuster science-fiction movies, but to actually live it out in real life is nothing short of surreal. It truly gives us a better perspective that we are all a part of something bigger now than just our own myopic worldview we typically live in. 

Temporarily we are all on hold. Activities have been suspended and scheduled events have been pushed back to dates that are still to be determined. For the most part everyone is complying with the universal stay at home orders, in helping the greater good. Neighbors are once again being neighborly and doing their part to combat the spread of COVID-19. That said, the earth is still rotating on its axis, and life continues on. 

None of us know when we will be able to return back to “business as usual,” but it is certain that we will not be starting over from scratch, but rather adapting to new topography. This is a seemingly daunting thought to wrap your mind around no matter the industry you find yourself in, but just like our ancestors, we adjust and fight on. 

ISL’s primary focus is sports, which when cancelled around the globe made the whole coronavirus pandemic very real, not just for us, but for every walk of life as we are all vested in it one way or another. Be it cooler talk at the office amongst peers or simply a way to bond with loved ones, sports and sporting events are unifying.

“No one in our lifetime has ever experienced extraordinary events like this. We are all learning how to move forward by trial and error in each of our respective businesses.”Alex Isern (CEO of ISL) “Start where you are and with people you have on your team. Be bold enough to take risks, even now, but more importantly if those efforts fall short, get up, dust yourself off and try again.” 

Sports Marketing In Uncertain Times

So, what does this mean specifically for sports marketing? Two of the most affected continents in this global crisis are Europe and America, where ISL holds 100% of its operations. The postponement of most soccer leagues and federations worldwide, coupled with our vast Travel, Talent and Tour and Friendlies Management arm, has put our families, clients, and partners on the bench.

For all, this disruption means rethinking how to manage upcoming scheduled activities, messaging for marketing campaigns and the events associated with them, and of course, how this will affect everyone financially. Some companies are in reactive mode, while others are in survival mode, but either way you look at it we are all in an adaptive mode, trying to get a better grasp of when things will resume back to normal. It’s during this time however that companies, like ISL, dig in and pivot.  

This means recognizing what is going on currently, adjusting strategies and looking down the road. We are not naive to the gravity of this crisis. We know that this current situation is monumental, but the ISL team remains steadfast and positive. Our outlook is laser focused on continuing to change the global soccer landscape and more than ever we are committed to our players, our clients and our partners in delivering unparalleled experiences and solutions. We take pride in what we do and in servicing our customers, because at the core of everything we are is ultimately you. 

Will you wear the home shirt?

“We are one in this! From our early beginnings, ISL have always been there for its team, families and clients. In these uncertain times, we need you more than ever to sustain all that we have built together.”Marc Segarra (Co-Founder of ISL) adding, “These are unprecedented times, so please stay home and be patient. Take this time to spend with family and loved ones. Sooner than later we will get the (soccer) ball rolling again, together.” 

So for now, home field advantage is global and the rules are universal. Although we may be rooted separately, our paths will ascend together. We are one team. Will you wear the home shirt?

Same team. Same goal.

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