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ISL Sets up the First Fight In History Between a Pro Boxer and a Reggaeton Artist on Triller!

On April 17th, live from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, entrepreneur and WBA International hampion, Joe Fournier, will take on colombian reggaeton star Reykon on Triller’s Fight Club event. ISL has worked behind the scenes as a mediator to make this fight part of a fierce lineup leading to the Jake Paul, youtuber sensation vs Ben Askren, UFC legend, combat. 

ISL & Triller Fight Club 

Triller Fight Club is a partnership between leading music and social media platform Triller and Snoop Dogg, with a mission to provide the best boxing fights on pay-per-view for every audience, from the diehard to the casual fan.

Triller started as a video-sharing social media app, becoming the fiercest competitor of TikTok in a matter of months. Last fall, the platform started a new division as fight broadcaster and promoter, hosting an explosive fight on their first event with none other than the legendary Mike Tyson and the acclaimed Jake Paul. 
The first fight hosted by Triller became the 8th most watched PPV fighting event in history. 

ISL is proud to help build a legacy of exclusive boxing content and premium entertainment with a never before seen fight between a professional boxer, Joe Fournier, and an international singer, Reykon

“With Triller we are seeing fresh, new, out of the box content, combining sports, entertainment and the unexpected element of surprise. As crossover fights increase with successful results, we wanted to be the first ones ever to mediate a fight between a professional boxer and a reggaeton artist”, explains Marc Segarra, ISL Managing Partner. 

“As a sports marketing agency, we are proud to partner with a leading entertainment platform as Triller Fight Club”, concludes Alex Isern, ISL Co-Founder and CEO. The entertainment of the night is guaranteed to continue outside the ring with Justin Bieber and The Black Keys, among other artists.

As for the men of the hour, mediated by ISL, their rivalry started after a confrontation in a Miami restaurant, and will blow up on the ring on April 17th, 9pm EST.

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