ISL Travel Management Partners with International Soccer Tournament

July 31, 2019

Donosti Cup Teams aided with travel needs by the ISL Travel Management Team

Earlier this month over 3 days, the ISL Travel Management team were able to partner with Donosti Cup management in order to provide their service to a group of teams planning to compete in the internationally known youth soccer tournament. Several teams from all over the United States were arriving a few days early to prepare, and to take in the unique culture of the tournament location of Barcelona, Spain.

Just one of the teams from the group of over 100. All the logistical elements of the American group were planned by our Travel Management.

Travel Management Director, Achille Obougou, leads our team in developing Travel Solutions.

In the lead up to the 2019 Donosti Cup, tournament management were in need of travel management help for a large group of players and families from the United States. The group were seeking travel logistical help, aid in finding training facilities, friendlies against local clubs, and cultural activities to experience the special city of Barcelona. The ISL Travel Management team were able to help with all aspects, and helped prepare the group for their competition in the Tournament.

For additional information on our Travel Management services, follow HERE

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