ISL Unveils ISL Foundation

March 21, 2019

ISL Unveils The New ISL Foundation Look And Reveals New Charitable Initiatives

After years in the background providing unique soccer experiences to those in need, the charitable arm of ISL now has a voice and a platform to achieve even more. We are proud to unveil ISL Foundation. ISL Foundation has a new logo, a new website, and easier access for those seeking to help the Foundation vision.

Our Purpose

ISL Foundation strives to positively affect change and provide young athletes the opportunity to enjoy their sport, all while learning lifelong lessons to serve them well for the rest of their lives.  Through a multitude of sports projects, ISL Foundation affords our communities a helping hand for young athletes to achieve and exceed their goals.

ISL Foundation Community Relationships

With the new platform, ISL Foundation can now actively reach out to our communities at large, as well as open up doors to valued corporate partners. Our support system will make a greater impact for the good, and continue to put more smiles on the faces of young athletes and their families in need.

If interested in helping or getting involved with ISL Foundation, please visit our new site,, and please reach out. We’d love to hear your ideas, and any support helps the Foundation achieve it’s goals!

Our Past Projects

Over the years, the ISL charitable arm, ISL Foundation, has worked hard with our communities and our partners in order to put on programs, both big and small. Be sure to check out some of our past works below!

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