Messi’s Ethernity NFT collection powered by ISL broke the record of sports NFTs!

On Saturday August 21st, soccer legend Leo Messi announced the launch of his first NFT collection powered by ISL, designed by BossLogic, and available on Ethernity Chain’s platform. 

 “Art is like football – timeless,” Messi said on his Instagram video announcing the collection. 

An NFT is a form of crypto asset which uses blockchain to record the ownership status of digital objects, such as images, videos and text. While anyone can view the item, only the buyer of an NFT has the official status of being its owner. 

During this year NFTs popularity has exploded on the digital universe, with collections featuring world icons such as Marilyn Monroe or Muhammed Ali, and prices reaching almost $70 million –  In March of this year, Christie’s auction house sold a digital work by the artist known as Beeple for $69 million, the most expensive NFT sold to date

The sales of Messi’s limited edition of authenticated NFTs’ reached $3.4M on the first day, breaking yet another record for the Argentinian star – the most expensive sports NFT in history.  

ISL is thrilled to be a part of this epic moment, to contribute to immortalize Messi’s legacy, and to help create a bridge between digital art and sports fans. 

One week after the launch, the huge success of the “Messiverse” collection is still rising, led by “The Golden One” NFT, the rarest and currently most expensive one, now priced on the secondary market at 3,000 ETH, equivalent to more than $9 million.


The crypto artworks designed by Australia-based digital designer BossLogic, worldly renowned for his works with Marvel and Disney, are composed of 4 pieces outlining The GOAT’s achievements, moments, team love, and future accomplishments. 

According to the official Ethernity Twitter account, the platform had to extend the sale of “Messiverse” NFTs by three hours, following “unprecedented demand”.

The news of Messi’s NFT collection reached the most important media outlets in the world both online and offline, with ISL making headlines in publications like Forbes and Sport, among many others.  

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