Returning to the NEW Normal: ISL Partners With Healthcare Products Provider

April 20, 2020

ISL are proud to announce a partnership with Innjoo, a global technology and healthcare products provider.

We’re living in unusual times that require actions that are going to make a difference, and ISL recognize that we can aid in the efforts.  In partnership with Innjoo, ISL will be working to distribute Innjoo’s healthcare products to the sports industry and other businesses within the United States of America. 

ISL will use it’s network within different American institutions to help prepare leagues, federations, sports commissions, and governments with Innjoo’s healthcare equipment, ensuring people have access to safe, reliable and certified products when sports and life return to normal. 

With the current climate of COVID-19, we have all come to truly value the power of sports and the way it brings people together.   We all miss cheering on our favorite teams and players with thousands of other spectators and staff. Someday soon players, fans and staff will be able to return to sporting events, enjoying the pastimes that have built relationships and connected communities to one another.  When we are able to return, things may look a bit different than before with social distancing protocols becoming a fabric of our society for some time. The protocols will require products that keep us all safe while enjoying our favorite sporting events and quotidian moments. Face masks, protective gloves, thermometers and hand sanitizer will become a part of our “new normal”. 

ISL hope we can all work together in order to prepare ourselves for when life goes back to normal. If you believe you can aid in ISL’s efforts to supply healthcare products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Sporting, Healthcare or any other organization in need, please contact us below. 


About Innjoo:

Innjoo are a global technology and healthcare products provider who have been invested in the sports industry for some time, exemplified in their jersey sponsorship of RCD Espanyol.  They are also the official healthcare provider of the Spanish government, and have been on the front lines combating the COVID-19 crisis and keeping healthcare workers safe. The variety of product Innjoo offers varies from different facial masks (Surgical, KN95, 3M), gloves, Rapid COVID-19 test and other Personal Protective Equipment. All of Innjoo’s products are FDA Approved, and meet all of the legal requirements for use in the American Market.  Innjoo can supply large product quantities in less than a week as they are manufacturers of these products and have their own fleet of cargo planes.

Innjoo and ISL are looking forward to providing solutions to our communities that will help us all return to a life we all miss. 

Learn more about Innjoo here 

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